Why You Should Go For The Screen Printing Service In Pune

Posted by Admin on June, 14, 2024

Screen printing services in Pune can bring several benefits to their clients. Get an amazing promotion for your business.

Screen printing is a trendy printing technique widely used to transfer ink onto a substrate. It can be used on fabric, paper, and similar stuff through a mesh screen. The demand for screen printing services in Pune is high for creating custom apparel, promotional items, posters, and other products.

About Screen Printing

Screen printing includes creating a stencil and using it to apply layers of ink to the printing face. All the colour is used to separate the screen, and multiple screens can be used to create multi-coloured designs.

Prime Components of Screen Printing

Screen or Mesh: top of all, the screen is prepared of super-fine mesh stuff. It is commonly made of nylon or polyester and even stretched over a frame. A stencil of the desired picture is made on the screen.

Squeegee: The tool is widely used to push ink through the screen mesh and onto the substrate.

The third important component is ink. Specialised screen printing inks are used, which can differ based on the substrate. The common kind comprises water-based, plastisol, and discharge inks.

The fourth component is the substrate, which is helpful in printing designs. It can be t-shirts, posters, banners, or other products.

Benefits of Choosing Screen Printing Services

Screen printing services in Pune come with several advantages. They are making them the right choice for different printing demands.

Here are the key benefits:

Durability and longevity

Screen-printed products are best known for their durability. The thick layer of ink used at the time of the process makes sure that the designs remain for a long time. The thick layer of ink used at the time of the process makes sure that the designs withstand washing, sunlight, and common wear and tear. It turns out perfect for products like t-shirts, hoodies, and outdoor banners.

Versatile and vibrant colours

Screen printing makes use of top-quality inks, which is helpful for the production of long-lasting and vibrant colours. The technique allows for a broad range of colours and the ability to match precise shades, making it perfect for logos and comprehensive designs. The inks can be used on different substrates, which include plastics, metals, textiles, and glass, showcasing their flexibility.

Budget friendliness for the large orders

The top benefit of screen printing is its budget-friendliness. You can get the benefits with large orders. If the screens are made up, the procedure becomes highly efficient, cutting the cost per unit. It is a popular option for bulk printing requirements, which include promotional merchandise, event clothing, and business uniforms.

The selection of screen printing services in Pune gives highly vibrant, durable, and budget-friendly solutions for different demands of printing. Its flexibility, top quality, and customisation options make it an amazing choice for both large-scale commercial orders and unique and individual projects.

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